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©2019 Oasis Stories. All rights reserved

Author: Oasis Stories

Release Date: March 20, 2019

Genre: Drama · Romance

'Visions' is the first story ever released by Oasis Stories. This journey dives deep into the love between two individuals. What happens when you die? What happens when the love of your life dies? Does your love die with them, or does it grow stronger?

"She looked just as beautiful as she did the day she first walked into Andrew Edwards Corporation with Mr. Wheeler.

'Are you okay?' I asked her.


'Owen.' She said. 'It’s time to go.'


'Where are you going, Emsley?' I cried out. She was moving faster and faster away. I ran after her but couldn't keep up, and that’s the last thing I remembered."

Chapter One

Chapter Four

Chapter Two

Chapter Five

Chapter Three

Chapter Six